GM Launch Kits

GM Launch Kits

Using All Surfaces in Package Design

This is an example of a custom designed package. From concept to production, this piece was a custom solution to fulfill a need for all media components to be housed in one package. This vehicle launch kit is totally custom, from its brand direction, concept and planning, to its unique dielines and diecut pages. It did not exist as a pre-existing off the shelf template. Segovia was responsible for the creative development & full design of this project.

One of the aspects of designing effective packaging is how a designer addresses the flow and experience of the user. From how the kit is opened, to what messages are revealed  – its’s all part of the designers plan. As you open this kit, different elements and visuals are revealed. Slowly you unravel and experience the campaign and components: brochure, sales/info sheets and a media DVD. Custom photography portraits were done by Segovia as part of the campaign “The New Faces of Chevrolet”. Different faces & different roads become the metaphor for different walks of life. There’s a Chevy for everyone – this campaign tied vehicles to humanization and personalization.

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