GM Canada: Pontiac

GM Canada: Pontiac

The Pontiac brand, although now discontinued, has always been an innovative and youthful brand in the GM family. The Pontiac car company draws its name from the town of Pontiac, Michigan, where Edward M. Murphy first established the Pontiac Buggy Company in 1893. This company was bought by General Motors in 1909. The brand became famous for its sports-oriented muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s – a legacy that would define the brands DNA.

Distinguished from other GM brands, some of the words to describe the Pontiac Brand are: sports-oriented, aggressive, performance, power, modern, youth, and innovation. These same words inform and describe the art direction and design of the Pontiac catalog series.

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The Pontiac catalog series used metallic inks, spot inks. varnishes and innovative, edgy graphic design. Clean bold typography, geometric design, aggressive and succinct headlines – all words to describe the brand and its flagship catalog series. Car catalogs are extremely important in the buying and sales cycle of a major purchase. This marketing piece sits with a prospective buyer, they fall in love with the product, they learn the details and nuances of the vehicle. All very important aspects of closing the sales transaction. The impression to the buyer must be thoroughly convincing and flawless.

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