Child Development Institute

Child Development Institute

Several projects were commissioned by CDI over several years. Projects such as Fundraising books, Annual Reports, Holiday greeting cards, newsletter & collateral templates as well as several photoshoots brought out a clean, friendly and sensitive brand direction. Photography concepts were fused with creative thinking and graphic design.

case_cdi_04 case_cdi_03 case_cdi_02

This holiday card above combines Segovia Advertisings’ love of graphic design and photography in one fun little project.

Some annual reports fused custom photoshoots, others utilized client stock photography. The brand direction and design discipline was always carried out through any piece with discipline, coherence yet individualism.


The above book was a project showcasing CDI clients illustrations. It was designed produced in three languages. All language copy was separated onto one black plate meaning minimizing production costs. When printing different languages, only one colour plate needed to be changed.