Every now and then, you work with a client that inspires you and truly moves beyond the usual comfort zones. Fuse Health is one such client. One of the leading health marketing agencies based in Toronto, Segovia worked with Fuse Health to rebrand and reinvigorate their corporate positioning and branding. As part of the overall brand exercise, the business card design became a flagship touchpoint because it expressed the deeper brand concept on many levels.


DNA symbolizes identity, health, genetic expression, science, analytical thinking and so. It is symbolic of the many ways Fuse Health works with its clients and business challenges. The idea of DNA, and mobilization (the movement of molecules) is a core philosophy and is reflected in the company’s narrative and even tagline.

Segovia collaborated with FH and a monster idea was struck– what if we created true DNA fingerprints of the staff in their business cards? After the excitement had settled down, everyone mobilized to make the idea come to life. Staff agreed (and embraced) to individual DNA samples. Cheek swabs were done and sent to the lab. Staff even received their own unique DNA art print for each office.


After the DNA samples/images were received, Segovia created stylized vector art patterns from their individual gel electrophoresis samples. No two staff member is alike. We have a code & key to decipher each staff/design.



The final DNA concept lives in several life cycles: 1) as an individual expression for a specific staff member 2) as part of a collage that represents the staff/team, as a whole and 3) in a flexible design that moves and morphs into different shapes. This is used through the brand expression of Fuse Health. It lives in stationery, office graphics, envelopes, folders, sales materials and the corporate website. One could say that Fuse Health’s staff truly live throughout their organization. Their heart and soul is truly embedded everywhere. How cool is that!

FuseH_19Each business card has the individual DNA design unique to her/him on the front. The back of the card is a collage of all 12 staff members. To see more on the Fuse Health rebrand project, click here.